Gero A. Eaton | Mother and Child

Gero A. Eaton | Mother and Child


Pencil on Stonehenge paper.

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This Drawing was inspired by Caravaggio and Raphael. It depicts a mother carrying her son on her shoulders surrounded by the beautiful Venice landscape in the background. Halo's are drawn to represent this moment as angelic and heavenly as it is a close reminder from the artist that nothing is more beautiful and heavenly than having a family that cares and loves you. The people that will always look out for your well being and protect you like the angels from the heavens.

Artist Statement

Inspired by the 19th century theory of drawing and painting, my work focuses on mythological, religious, and allegorical themes through the use of figure, still life, and landscape drawing and painting. My continuous study of the old masters like Raphael, Caravaggio, and Bouguereau allows me to successfully implement these themes.  During the time of the old masters, art was the main source of inspiration and a great way to send out messages to the public.  I work in the traditional style because I feel it is the best way to present these themes and also a great way to present myself and who I am. My work helps me reflect subconsciously on my values and morals and what I want to show to my audience. Through the use of light, color, and line, I want to create a beauty that has a timeless vulnerability. I want my audience to feel sad, happy, overjoyed, at ease or even angry when viewing my paintings and share those experiences with family, friends and colleagues.  I want to create works that will bring different people of all ethnicities together and have intellectual debates. Most importantly, I want people to once again cherish quality and beauty, not just in art, but the world surrounding them.