About Sanjay

Sanjay Singh is a multi-disciplinary humanist from New York. He manages an array of projects specializing in video direction, production, and distribution, music and event production, and new media creation.

Sanjay received his Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts. He currently teaches video creation to youths and helps foster relationships between industry professionals and rising talent. 

In 2014, he co-directed the documentary "The American People." The film chronicles everyday Americans and their concerns about the most important issues facing their country.

In February 2016, he launched Nukhu, a video streaming platform helping filmmakers monetize video content. Through Nukhu, he has produced original interactive content such as Otis and is currently in development on a comedy series.

Sanjay is the President & COO of Vast, a creative agency for luxury, leisure, and lifestyle brands producing docu-style video content to better tell their stories.