I created Nukhu in 2010 as a vessel for my creative endeavors. Originating from the Ancient Egyptian language, “Nukhu” is defined as an empowered state of being. The “Nu” is a swirling watery chaos from which the cosmic order was produced. The “Khu” is the everlasting human spirit-soul. Together these components make up all and everything that is human.

Our community aims to empower independent artists and nurture an enlightened artistic community of awareness and understanding of human diversity.

On February 25th, 2016, Nukhu launched online as an international media festival and network curated by a community of creators seeking unique entertainment. The Inaugural NukhuFest celebrated the Best Movies from around world and revealed the first Nukhu Ball winners. The community continues to celebrate its growing creator base at the annual NukhuFest.

While being a proactive supporter of independent filmmakers, Nukhu continues to develop its own original programming. Our producers are currently developing interactive narratives which can be previewed at